Voltage sense board for BMW i3 LIM CCS fast charging

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Voltage sense board for i3 LIM

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    This Voltage sense board is a key component in getting the BMW i3 LIM up and running in your EV conversion to implement CCS DC fast charging. It was developed together with Joost Vossen and building on the research by Damien.

    Why do you need a Voltage sense board?
    In the BMW i3, the KLE (Convenience Charging Control Module) is connected to the HV+ and HV- of the charging socket and can sense whether there is any voltage present. The KLE creates a mA current signal and sends that to the LIM. The LIM uses this in the CCS handshake process to determine it is safe to close the contactors.

    So what Joost and I did is study the KLE and use as much of the same components to be as compatible as we can. We did leave out some stuff to keep it as simple as possible.

    About the voltage sense board

    The high voltage and low voltage side are isolated. Via the 4-way Molex you connect the charge socket HV+ and HV-. the 3-way connector is the output side. Here you connect 12V+ (max. 15V), GND and the signal for the LIM.

    For those who wonder why there is a LED on the board? The isolated DC/DC needs a minimum load to operate in a stable way. So we added a LED so you can also see it is on. It is recommended to power the board on wakeup of the CCS DC fast charge.

    The Voltage sense board comes with a casing, cover, screws to mount the PCB in the case, the Molex headers, connectors and ten crimp terminals. This is not considered an end product but rather a component. You need to solder the Molex headers yourself or ask in a comment when you order then I can do it for you.

    Kickback to Damien
    For every board sold I will donate 10 euro’s to Damien. Without his efforts we all would not be doing this. If you are not comfortable with this and rather get a 10 euro discount you can send me an e-mail and I will give you a 10 euro discount voucher.

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