For sale: Land Rover electric conversion set

The motor and controller have been sold. The adapter for the Siemens motor to the Land Rover gearbox is still available. EVcreate can arrange a new motor and controller. Contact me to discuss the possibilities. This is not a plug and play kit!

New conversion kit in development

EVcreate is working on developinga new conversion set. Subscribe to the newsletter below to be kept informed of the development and availability.

Convert your Land Rover to electric with this plug-and-play drive line suitable for amongst others Defender, Range Rover Classic or Discovery. The conversion set consists of a Siemens motor, a matching SevCon Gen 4 Size 8 controller and an adapter for mount to a Land Rover gearbox.

Due to changed circumstances (Lucas drives a Tesla Model 3 right now) this electric driveline is up for sale on consignation.

Contents of the set

motor met motorsteun in Land Rover

Optionally available:

  • gearbox (R380)
  • flywheel (300Tdi) + heavy duty clutch plate
  • motor mount (based on 300Tdi mounting points) (galvanized)

Mounting and fitting the motor/gearbox in the car

The motor has been modified by New Electric. The original splined axle has been changed to a keyway in the axle in order to fit a so called ‘puck’ which has the bolt pattern of a (300Tdi) flywheel This reduces the overall length significantly The motor combined with the adapter and flywheel mounted looks like this:

Aangepaste Siemens motor met Land Rover adapter

To be able to fit the motor in the current vehicle (Land Rover Discovery 1) the gearbox has been shortened with a Ashcroft R380 short bellhousing kit) this allows the motor to be mounted further into the gearbox tunnel than the original Diesel engine The gearbox can be added to the set The total combination (motor + adapter + contra bell housing + gearbox) looks like this:

elektrische Aandrijflijn motor met bak

For your info, the hole where the starter motor used to be has been welded shut. When built in the motor fits perfectly between the gearbox and front axle.

Land Rover elektrisch ombouw

Suitable (Land Rover) models for this conversion set

The set is new and still mounted in a 1997 Land Rover Discovery (ex 300Tdi) but it can be used in all kinds of Land Rover models Depending on the model and model year it will be either ‘bolt on’ or need some customization. A few possible options are:

  • Combined with the original gearbox
    The motor/adapter combination has the bolt pattern of a 200Tdi/2.5 Diesel/Petrol and fits directly to a short R380 or LT77 gearbox and possibly also to other similar gearboxes. This allows the set to be fitted in many Defender and several Range Rover Classics en Discovery models. It’s probably possible to use the motor as a replacement for the 2.25 Diesel and Petrol engines in a Land Rover Series 2 or 3 Note: the torque and power can be configured to match the rest of the driveline.
  • In combination with a different gearbox
    Combined with the (currently mounted) short ‘stumpy’ R380 gearbox or a LT77 the set will fit on all models with a LT230 transferbox This allows the set to be mounted in nearly all Defenders, Range Rover Classics from ~1984 on and also the Discovery 1 and 2.
  • Direct drive to the transferbox
    This kind of setup would require some engineering but depending on how much acceleration is required this could a possibility.
  • Use in a different vehicle or vessel
    While the set is currently fitted with an adapter/flywheel for a Land Rover gearbox it could still be used in a different car, bus, truck or even boat. The supplier of the set has successfully used this motor type in Jaguars, Volvo’s but also lorries, tractors and boats. For more information see: New Electric Drivetrain

It’s likely that many other combinations are possible, Lucas is available to to discuss this.

Motor specifications

An electric motor characterizes itself by a high torque from 0 rpm. The Siemens 1PV5135 has peak torque of 300 Nm and a continuous rating of 150 Nm. The peak power of the motor is 100 kW. See curves below for more detail

Torque curve

Siemens motor koppelcurve

Power curve

Siemens motor vermogenscurve

SEVCON Gen4 Size 8 controller

The motor will be controlled by the matching Sevcon controller. This converts the direct current of the battery to an alternating current for the motor. The controller can deliver up to 100kW peak power and has a continuous rating of 60kW, this is a good fit for the motor. The controller supports regenerative break and is very configurable.

More details and a datasheet van be found at the Sevcon website: Gen4-S8

Controller manual is available on request

To be ‘Electromagnetically compatible’ the controller needs to be mounted in a metal enclosure This enclosure comes with the set.

Sevcon controller EMC behuizing dicht
Sevcon controller EMC behuizing open

MOT test and EMC certificate.

In the Netherlands (and probably other countries as well) a car equipped with this conversion set needs to be tested in order to become road legal. Amongst others it needs to be electromagnetically compatible. Upon request an EMC certificate can be added to the set.

Expandable to full conversion kit

The driveline / Land Rover electric conversion is offered and sold by Lucas. If desired EVcreate can supply other required components such as chargers, charge inlets, battery management systems etc. to expand the set to a complete conversion set.

Land Rover / Range Rover EV conversion set

At the moment, a conversion kit is in development. The intention is to come up with two solutions. One solution where a Tesla engine comes in the place of the gearbox and transfer case and thus directly drives the axles / differentials. The other solution uses the gearbox and the engine is attached onto the bellhouse with an adapter. Switching gears and high and low gear use remains possible.

Planning and availability is not yet known. Register below to be kept informed.


The motor and controller have been sold.

The adapter plate is still available with on request a new motor and controller.

Surcharge for the motormount and (shortened) R380 gearbox upon request.


Contact us via the form below.

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    • The above kit is sold.
      New kit that is suitable for a Range Rover is not available as a plug and play solution.
      So that would require a custom project of engineering something that suits your needs.
      However, at the moment I’m fully booked plus doing that remotely is a challenge.


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