EVcreate CCS fast charging solution

In most countries CCS has become the DC fast charging standard. At an increasing number of charging stations CHAdeMO is being phased out.

We have worked on a CCS fast charging solution that is easy to implement, works well and supports multiple battery management systems as well as multiple onboard chargers.

How the CCS journey started

Early 2022 I completed a CCS implementation for a customer in a 2CV. Totally overkill for this car, but It’s what the end customer wanted. I used the Innolectric 22 kW OBC that also handled the CCS part with the intention to introduce that into the market.

Things ended up differently. The OBC turned out not to be that great (and heavy) and the end customer claimed all rights.

From then onwards I was committed to developing a robust and easy to implement charging solution that could do both CCS and AC charging. It has become a time consuming R&D project but it is coming to a first version.

2CV CCS charging at Tesla supercharger

Fast charging solution overview

The solution involves a process controller. This is a 32-bit dual CAN MCU with ECE-R10 certification. Ultimately multiple CCS controllers will be available. For lower budgets there will be the BMW i3 LIM solution added later and we will start with a high-end solution (also with ECE-R10) that also allows higher charging power (probably in the end limited by the socket or the car battery/setup). 

For end user input in the end we offer analog signals (buttons), the Grayhill Touch Encoder (does not have ECE-R10) and a 2,4” color display with four buttons (with ECE-R10). Furthermore various on board chargers will be supported and this list will be extended. We intend to support both CAN controller chargers as well as chargers that require CP and PP input. This is summarized in the below diagram

Charge controller overview

Initially only V2L with the compatible onboard charger available from EVcreate is supported. Later on bi-directional CCS charging will be added.

Supported battery management systems

The solution dynamically uses data from the BMS and end user input. Currently I intend to support the following battery management systems:

  1. Lithium Balance n-BMS
  2. Lithium Balance s-BMS
  3. EMUS
  4. Orion
  5. Thunderstruck Dilithium

Development and testing is currently in process.

Parameters include battery voltage, battery current, max allowed DC charge current, car ready to receive charge, battery kWh, etcetera. Furthermore the flag to disable isolation monitoring during fast charging is send. Some BMSses cannot provide all (static) parameters. For this we have an alternative solution / config.

For CCS to work, a minimum system voltage at low state of charge of 200V is required.

Supported onboard chargers

The charge controller also controls the onboard charger. Current list is:

  1. EVcreate’s favorite: 10 kW 3-phase (also works a 6,6 kW 1-phase) with V2L and integrated DC/DC
  2. Elcon (including OBC’s using that protocol) 3,3 and 6,6 kW, single phase
  3. TSM2500, 3,3 kW single phase
  4. Eltek, 3,3 kW single phase
  5. Tesla Gen2 with Openinverter logic board, 11 kW 3-phase

More OBC’s will be added later.

We will support up to two chargers in parallel (must have the same ID’s). Except for the Tesla Gen2 with Openinverter logic board of which only one unit is possible.

Supported user input/interaction

Most simple way is a switch that allows the user to use normal charging up to the max set in the BMS. This is referred to as “long range” mode. Or it is possible to pull the switch and charging will stop at 80% SOC. The same applies to enabling V2L if the onboard charger is capable of that.

Later two ‘display type’ options will be added.

Range mode knob
Example “Rackvidd” bezel/knob
HMI with ECE R10
HMI with ECE-R10
Touch encoder
Touch encoder

CCS Socket

Both CCS1 and CCS2 will be supported. With the lower budget LIM solution probably only CCS2. Various sockets will be supported. From cheaper Duosida sockets to more expensive Phoenix Contact sockets.


I have listed the CCS fast charging kit performance edition in my webshop. Expected availability is Q1, 2024. You can signup on the waitlist already and be notified as soon as it is available for purchase.

Stay tuned!

I will add more info and demo videos to this blogpost later.

Blog series on DC fast charging

  1. DC fast charging, an introduction
  2. CHAdeMO fast charging in DIY
  3. CCS fast charging in DIY
  4. Nissan Leaf CCS fast charging
  5. EVcreate CCS fast charging solution including AC onboard charger control
    • Performance = up to 500A peak (250A nominal)
    • Standard = up to 125A max.

Feedback welcome

Any feedback, additions, suggestions for improvement is welcome. Please contact me by e-mail.

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